College Going in LAUSD: An Analysis of College Enrollment, Persistence, and Completion Patterns

This report, which is the first in-depth analysis of LAUSD graduates’ postsecondary outcomes, links data on college enrollment, persistence, and completion from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) with LAUSD data on students’ high school performance and ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our report examines where LAUSD graduates enrolled in college, as well as how college-going outcomes differed across a variety of background characteristics including gender, race/ethnicity, English learner status, family educational background, and students’ academic preparation during high school. We also describe postsecondary outcomes for the subset of LAUSD graduates who were eligible for admission to four-year colleges and offer recommendations for how the Los Angeles community can improve students’ postsecondary success in the future.

News Coverage

Los Angeles Times

September, 2017

Many L.A. students get to college; only a few finish

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August, 2017

Most LA Unified grads make it to college, but only a quarter finish on time, new data shows

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Los Angeles Daily News

August, 2017

4 reasons why so few LAUSD graduates earn college degrees

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